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2018 Napier Fellows

DALLON ASNES- Pomona College

On an island in Madagascar where a booming tourist industry is dominated by expatriates, Dallon proposes to develop a program to teach local students and entrepreneurs web design and coding.  With these skills they can produce advertising for locally owned businesses, helping them gain new markets, and also find employment through online freelancing projects and teaching computer skills.  Dallon will partner with a local non-profit, Code for Humanity, with which he worked last summer.



In 2013 Nepal ended a system of indentured servitude where daughters of struggling families of the Tharu people were sold  to work in landlords'  homes, facing many kinds of abuse.  Olivia plans to document the narratives of formerly indentured women who have launched their own businesses through support from Freed Kamalari Development Forum. Interviews with the freed women will be used to create three podcasts.  She will partner with Nepal Youth Foundation, to which she has been related for several years. 

ELI ETZIONI - Claremont McKenna College

Eli is an avid surfer who is passionate about the power of surfing to improve lives, and he hopes to use surfing to build self-confidence in youth in the San Diego foster-care system.  Partnering with local nonprofit Urban Surf 4 Kids, he plans to design and implement a series of surf camps linked with classes about personal well-being, environmental conservation and academic success.  The 5CSurf Club would assist. Eli expects to create and screen a short documentary of his work and its impact.

JANINE IVY - Claremont McKenna College

Concerned about the limited opportunities for Roma youth, Janine proposes to create an after-school program at two Roma secondary schools in Budapest, Hungary to support English learning and preparation for university.   The program would offer information on universities, admission procedures, scholarships, and standardized test preparation for high school juniors and seniors, along with encouragement for students and families.  She hopes to partner with school faculties and Central European University.

YUQING LEI - Scripps College

Yuqing proposes conducting a 12-week empowerment workshop for high school and college students in the SOS Children's Village, Lusaka, Zambia, an institution that creates nontraditional families for abandoned children.  The aim of the workshop is to help youth establish their career and educational goals and teach them how to find resources to attain their goals.  It will include tutorials in computer and marketing skills and a trip to Lusaka to help students connect to local companies and find internships.

ERIN MATHESON - Scripps College

A pre-medical student with strong interest in the challenges presented by diabetes, Erin seeks to implement a comprehensive pre-diabetes diet, nutrition, exercise and educational program in a progressive YMCA community center in Valparaiso, Chile.  She would act as a liaison between the YMCA organization and local health providers, nutritionists, and exercise specialists to streamline care and resources.  She hopes to establish an informed, community-minded program for pre-diabetes management.

SARA MURPHY- Pomona College

Sara proposes to strengthen a music-education program for low-income youth in Pomona that she has started, where students are loaned violins and given instruction by college student volunteers at dACenter for the Arts.  She plans to expand the program to enrich the lives of more youth and volunteers, to seek long-term institutional support from the Pomona College Music Department, to hire and train new coordinators, and to develop a detailed violin teaching curriculum to better support future volunteers.


Teofanny will work with the families of Cambodian deportees documenting community care and refugee resilience. In filming stories with Bay Area families Teo will focus on advocacy and activism.  Teo will show the films locally and in Cambodia to spark conversation and social action about immigration and human rights.


JASMINE SHIREY - Claremont McKenna College

Jasmine will pilot a program for girls' STEM clubs across Zimbabwe centered on the installation and maintenance of weather stations in schools.  They will provide data needed by farmers, most of whom are women. She will partner with the Forum for African Women Educationalists, Zimbabwe chapter, with whom she has previously worked, and with the Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory that has developed low-cost, low-maintenance weather stations installed in other parts of Africa.


Terriyonna proposes to partner with Peoplestown Academy, a non-profit in the Atlanta inner-city area, to promote growth for students, giving them hope and excitement about their future.  She would work with a group of 19 middle-school students to create activities that facilitate self-confidence, a critical understanding of negotiating and navigating the world in careers, school, and other adult journeys and an understanding of systems of domination, racism, and environmental sustainability.

SYDNEY WARREN - Pitzer College

Sydney desires to address issues of child poverty and unequal access to quality education in Denver, CO.  She proposes to design and teach summer Spanish language courses for Open Door Ministries' learning center that provides quality education to students from diverse backgrounds with low income who would not otherwise have access to learning a second language.  Students from ages 3-ll would learn basic Spanish but also learn about Latin culture and history to broaden their horizons.

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