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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I apply for a Napier Award directly to the Napier Initiative at Pilgrim Place?
A: No.  Applications for the Napier Awards must be submitted directly to the faculty/staff liaison at the Claremont College where the student is enrolled.

Q: How can I know if my particular vocational passion and project proposal fit with the intentions of the Napier Awards?
A: The Napier Initiative refrains from giving detailed guidelines. Successful applicants will come from a wide variety of backgrounds and will have a variety of vocational pursuits within the broad arena of leadership in the quest for a just, peaceful and sustainable world. You may wish to discuss your ideas with the designated faculty liaison at the Claremont College where you are enrolled. Also refer to who is eligible and selection criteria for applicants in the "Apply" section of the Napier Initiative website.

Q: Can two students submit a joint application?

A:  Yes. Students should follow the directions under "How to Apply."  Students enrolled at two different Claremont Colleges submit their application to only one college and follow the established process for that college.

Q: If I receive a Napier Award, may I accept another award or scholarship at the same time?
A: Yes, as long as the Napier project is carried out within fifteen months after graduation.

Q: What is intergenerational mentoring?
A: This intergenerational mentoring program links Napier Fellows interested in exploring vocations for social change with elders at Pilgrim Place who are committed to fostering justice for all people, caring for the earth, or nurturing peace and reconciliation for friendship and networking.  Napier Fellows are expected to participate fully in the mentoring program.  The mentoring relationship can be valuable both for the students and the mentors.  Napier Fellows have found this aspect of the program enriching and supportive.  Students and mentors mutually agree on frequency, content, and means of their conversations.

Q: When will I know about whether my application has been accepted?
A: Applications are submitted to the Claremont College where the student is enrolled. Each college has a process for reviewing the applications and submits up to three nominees to Pilgrim Place for consideration for a Napier Award. Students will be notified by their college about the status of their submission.  

Q: How are the awardees selected?

A: Applications submitted to Pilgrim Place are reviewed by a selection panels of Pilgrim Place elders who have life-long experience in working toward social change, both here in the U.S. and abroad. All applicants will be interviewed by members of the Pilgrim Place panels. At the end of the first round of interviews applicants will be informed about whether they will receive a second interview. Those receiving a second interview will be informed about whether they are Awardees or alternates.


Q: How do I become a Napier Fellow?
A: All students who have been nominated for a Napier Award by their college are designated as Napier Fellows and join this group of recent college graduates who are committed to working for a just, peaceful and sustainable world. Fellows are invited to maintain communication with each other as they pursue their vocational goals. The Fellows network provides ideas, information, and mutual support.

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