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Napier Initiative for Creative Leadership
Plans for 2023 - 2024

Overview of the Mentoring and Awards Program

The Pilgrim Place Community in cooperation with the five undergraduate Claremont Colleges offers graduating seniors an opportunity to become Napier Fellows. Napier Fellows have demonstrated outstanding leadership in fostering justice for all people, caring for our fragile earth home and nurturing peace and conciliation. They propose a project which they would like to carry out following graduation. Students are nominated by their college and become Napier Fellows. Each Fellow engages in a mentoring relationship with a Pilgrim Place resident whose life experience has an affiliation with the foci of the Napier Initiative. in addition to the mentoring relationship, a friendship which often extends beyond graduation. Fellows may be selected to receive one of the two $20,000 awards to carry out their project.  

Mentoring is the heart of the Napier programs.  The Napier Initiative is a relational program which links students with elders whose lifetime of experience in fostering justice for all people, caring for our fragile Earth home and nurturing peace and reconciliation has an affinity with the student's proposed project.  All Fellows and Mentors will meet together on designated occasions to get acquainted and explore mutual interests. Fellows and their mentors often establish strong supportive relationships which continue even after the Fellows graduate. Their shared commitment to social justice creates strong bonds. 

Fellows have described the mentoring experience with enthusiasm:

"Meeting with my mentor was a great source of encouragement, support and guidance. I still meet with me mentor every time I visit Claremont." - former Fellow

"My mentor was incredibly supportive. We became good friends and I am glad we continue to stay in touch." - former Fellow

"Getting to know a group of wise elderly people who dedicated their lives to social justice....was a guiding light for me." - former Fellow

Pilgrim Place is home to some 350 men and women, most of whom had careers as leaders of a variety of religious and non-profit, charitable organizations in the United States and around the world.  Many of them have had long careers and wide experiences in the quest for a just, peaceful, and a sustainable world.

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