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Procedures for Awardees

Following the announcement of the Napier Initiative Awardees at the Annual Celebration the following procedures have been established:


A meeting with Awardees, Napier Leadership, and a member of the Pilgrim Place Executive Leadership team will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.  This meeting will provide an opportunity for Awardees to ask questions and to fully understand the expectations and obligations of each party.     The Napier Initiative, Pilgrim Place, and the Awardees will sign an agreement outlining their respective responsibilities and will retain a copy of the agreement.  


Awardees will be expected to provide health insurance coverage for themselves.


At the meeting, procedures for the transfer of funds to the Awardee’s financial account will be established.  The Napier Initiative will transfer funds promptly before graduation and again following the receipt of a mid-project report from the Awardee. 

Any questions about appropriate expenditures of the award will be discussed. 


The meeting would include a discussion of how the Napier Initiative would plan to publicize the award as well as highlights of its enactment along with photos in various social and print media. 


In addition, the agreement sets out provisions and conditions which are common to contracts, but should be clearly understood by each awardee.  


Awardees may wish to ask their mentors to attend this meeting with them.

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