How to Apply

Applicants will take each of the following steps and submit materials to the designated person at their college.

1. Complete the brief application form.  Attach a résumé and transcript.

2. Provide at least two letters of recommendation (Recommendation Instructions), one from a faculty member at your college (who can attest to your accomplishments relevant to this award) and one from a partner organization on the site where you would implement your project.

  • Each letter should comment on your leadership skills, why you should receive a Napier Award, and how you have modeled the better future which you seek. 

  • The partner organization should indicate that you and your project would be welcomed.  

  • If one of these persons is not in a position to observe and evaluate your leadership skills, include a third letter from someone with whom you have worked who can do so.

Please copy the recommendation form and give a copy to each of your references.


3. Write a personal essay covering each of the following matters.  The essay may be up to three
typed pages (single spaced, 12-point type, Times New Roman).

In your essay explain:

A.The background and dynamics of the issue your project seeks to address.

B.Experiences that prepared you for and encouraged your commitment to this project.

C.How you previously motivated people and supported their efforts to address this issue.

D.The practical project you wish to implement with Napier funding.
    a) What is its purpose and content?
    b) When would it be implemented?
    c) Describe the local community where the project would be carried out, explain any prior relevant work, and             identify local organizations with which you have developed relationships.
    d) What would be your role in the project?
    e) What outcome do you desire? How would you measure the results of the project?
    f) How could the project be sustained after you leave?

E.How the project would contribute to your future career path and leadership role.     

4. Create a one-page timeline for the project.

5. Create a one-page proposed budget for the $15,000 award. The stipend may be used for travel, living expenses, materials, a language refresher course, or whatever will promote the successful completion of your project.

6. Nominations for a joint award, with two students sharing a single proposed project and award, are acceptable.  If the students come from different colleges, they must choose one of their colleges through which to apply and follow the established process for that college. Both students should include their own biographical information, personal essay, official transcript, and personal recommendation.  A jointly written project proposal, timeline and budget should be submitted along with the letter from the partnering organization.

7. Submit all of this information to your college representative in October 2019. Applicants should be in touch with their college contact person about the exact date for submission. Please use this checklist to insure that you have provided all the information requested and sign the agreement for participation as a Napier Fellow.

8. If you are nominated by your college to be a Napier Fellow, you may send brief additional information about your project that covers any new developments occurring since its submission (up to 2 pages) before January 21, 2020.


Note that those nominated by their colleges will participate in the November 3, November 17, November 24,

February 23, and March 28, events referred to in the Application Information page.

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