Participation Agreement

The Napier Initiative is more than a financial awards program. The Napier Initiative is a relational program which links students with Pilgrim Place elders whose lifetime of experience in social justice work has an affinity with the student's proposed project. The relationships which develop over the year can be life affirming and long lasting. The Napier Initiative has established a set of expectations for a Napier Fellow.


I understand that in applying to the Napier Initiative, I am agreeing to fully embrace the mentoring experience and to participate in all aspects of the program. This includes:


Initial Meeting of Fellows and Napier Leadership:

                     Sunday, November, 1, 2020, 3-5 p.m.


Meetings with Mentors: Sunday, November 8, 3-5 p.m.                         

Presentation of Proposals for Pilgrim Place residents and interested members of the community. — to be determined


March 2021 — Interviews with the Selection Team


Celebration of Napier Fellows and Awardees — to be determined


To be signed by the college representative and student when nominations are forwarded to Pilgrim Place. 

Napier Initiative