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Measuring Water Flow in Ecuador

Fostering Justice for all People
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Nurturing Peace & Reconciliation

Congratulations to our
2024 Napier Initiative Awardees!

Taeya and Rukmini Napier Awardees.jpeg

Taeya Boi-Doku (Left) and Rukmini Banerjee (Right)
2024 Napier Initiative Awardees 

Taeya Boi-Doku will work with an Eco-Village in Mankrong, Ghana.  Her skills in sustainable gardening, water management and solar electrical systems will be shared with a team of people who will build regenerative gardens for local food production. In workshops and classes, her techniques will reach a wide audience in Ghana.

Working with the Pomona Prison Education Program, Rukmini Banerjee will teach 

10-week courses entitled "Living Under Structural Violence" for incarcerated individuals in a number of Bay area facilities.  Individuals anticipating parole will be matched with mentors who have successfully transitioned to life after prison.  Her profound grasp of communication processes and her experience as a teacher inside local prisons provide for a unique educational opportunity.  

Sharing Successes with Past Napier Awardees


The Napier Initiative is a partnership between Pilgrim Place and the five Claremont Colleges to encourage leadership for social change. 


Napier Fellows are nominated by their colleges to carry out social change proposals following graduation.


Faculty at the Claremont Colleges partner with Napier Initiative by offering intergenerational courses incorporating  justice themes and teaming with a community educator from Pilgrim Place.

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